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Kathryn Louise is the best selling author of The Years Young Collection of five adult fiction novels.  The first in the series; 15 Years Young has received 5 stars across all platforms from Goodreads to Bookbub, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and others sites.  Her flair to incorporate emotion, pain and passion into each of her novels is inspiring.  The books have been written from the main character, Rose’s perspective as she navigates through life.  Her journey takes her through turmoil, challenging situations and a whirlwind of emotion, coupled together with lust, love and a little piece of spice, all tangled into every story.  Each book ends on a cliff-hanger, but encapsulates five years in the life of Rose and other main characters; .  The books will leave you captivated and unable to put it down..

‘Esmeralda King’ is a collection of books due for release in July 2023.  The main character Esmeralda King or ‘Esme’ as she likes to be called, is a highly intelligent, independent and hard-faced woman that runs an investigation agency in central London.  Her family think she works in IT but it is only her closest friends that know exactly what she does and are all part of the action; her brother – a policeman, and her friends – a chemist, a doctor, a psychologist and a government official.  Each book uncovers a story of mystery, crime, deceit and drama.  Every book is set to mess with your mind and emotions.  Should she choose her heart or her head?

All books are available globally but currently only written in English, there are plans to convert into other languages in the near future.  All collections can be purchased in paperback, hardback, ebook and audiobooks and on most major platforms, including; Amazon, Kindle, Audible, Google, Kobo and across all stores such as Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, Foyles and others.  

 The audiobooks are produced and recorded by the Award Winning Nikki Delgado, known for her work with brands such as Sonos, Suzuki, Legal & General, Tesco, Durex, 888 Poker and many others. 

Esmeralda King